HAKKA-BLUE: The Aesthetics 客家美學

Hakka-blue 名稱來自台灣客家藍布衫,象徵簡約、素雅、實用的人文主義精神。

Hakka-blue took its name from the blue shirts of the Taiwan Hakka people, symbolizing the simplistic, elegant and pragmatic characters of the Hakka humanism.

圖 迎風聽綠禪


HAKKA-BLUE: Humanist Crafts 人文工藝

Hakka-blue 是一個以文化論述為基礎的陶瓷工藝品牌。我們的設計者將深厚的人文意涵置入在機能與美感中。

Hakka-blue is a collection of ceramic arts and crafts with cultural discourses as its foundation. Our designers embody cultural meanings in the functionality and beauty of the works.

圖 淡淡陶然青


HAKKA-BLUE: Best Gifts 陶然嘉禮


Ceramic arts are perfect gifts for your family and business clients. They would find beauty, warmness, tranquility and taste in the Hakka-blue products and in your wishes.

圖 海濱有樂土


HAKKA-BLUE: Custom Design 客製精心


Personalized designs, large orders and customizations are available. Quality delivered on-time is our first priority. Hakka-blue guarantees your satisfaction and enjoyment.